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CRM specializes in outsourced risk management services to organizations internationally. We help identify and analyze your exposures, coordinate the professional services needed to manage those exposures, and clearly and concisely communicate to agents, companies, vendors and senior staff the risk management information they need to protect the organization.

Risk Assessment

We often begin an assignment with an assessment of the organiztion’s risk. This entails two parallel projects; an Exposure Analysis and an Insurance Audit.

The Exposure Analysis is a detailed written survey of the organization’s operations including personal interviews and a review of selected business documents.

At the same time we conduct an audit of your current insurance policies to verify their accuracy in relation to hazards, and evaluate whether the policy terms and conditions are in line with the exposures.

Manage the Insurance Renewal

Managing the insurance renewal entails;

  • Marketing the account to several insurance agencies to determine their interests in being involved in a competitive bidding process
  • Preparation of a Pre-Bid specification package to allow the potential agencies to present their capabilities
  • Identification of the difficult issues that could arise and creating a “rules of engagement” as to how those decisions will be addressed
  • Preparation of renewal specifications
  • Managing the marketing process including
    • Answering agent & insurance underwriting questions
    • Gathering additional information
    • Setting up loss control visits
    • Working with the various agencies & insurance companies to assure
      everyone is able to present the best proposal possible
  • Collecting all proposals and evaluating the numbers and terms and conditions on an apples to apples basis
    • Getting back to each bidder and identifying areas of their proposal
      that needs to be refined and addressing open issues
  • Presentation of a spread sheet showing all proposals with the major issues identified
  • Working through the decision making process with the client
  • Ordering the renewal policies with a detailed letter outlining all the coverages, limits and terms and conditions agreed to
  • Collecting binders of insurance prior to the renewal date and confirming coverage bound as ordered

Medical Billing Advocacy

CRM provides Medical Billing Advocacy for families who are experiencing a major medical event. We organize all invoices from health providers, insurance providers and Medicare, compile the information into a spreadsheet, review for accuracy and confirm that all insurance eligible invoices have been properly submitted to your insurance provider. We follow up until the appropriate conclusion has been reached.
Medical Billing Advocacy brochure available to download here

Family Offices

Family Offices have become more prevalent to manage the assets of multiple generations. These assets have exposures and CRM has been fortunate to work with a number of family offices to assist in the management of these exposures.

While the exposures of Family Offices are unique to each entity, the risk management process used to manage the exposures are consistent; recognize the exposures to loss, identify multiple techniques to manage those exposures, select and implement the appropriate methods, and monitor to determine success.

Individual Risk Assessments

While organizations will expend significant resources to identify and manage their exposures to loss, executive leaders of these same organizations take precious little time in managing their personal assets.

CRM has worked with many of our clients' key executives to perform personal risk assessments and insurance reviews to determine if their exposures to loss are adequately protected and verify if they have the appropriate insurance.

CRM will then work with the executive's personal insurance agency to implement the recommendations

Expert Witness Work

CRM has worked with plaintiff and defense attorneys on insurance litigation issues. Our staff's background working as agents, underwriters and business owners provides us with a unique perspective we can offer counsel to help them develop their case.

The attorneys we have worked with have told us we have been very helpful in identifying key points in the case that are unique to the world of insurance that have helped solidify their arguments.

Additional Practice Areas

  • Insurance audits
  • Due diligence for mergers, acquisitions or divestitures
  • Loss control management programs
  • Insurance certificate tracking
  • OSHA audits
  • Business continuity planning
  • Contractual reviews
  • Risk management manuals