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What is Risk Management?

Risk Management is the process of identifying, evaluating and managing exposures to accidental loss. Since every enterprise has risks associated with its operations, managing those risks is an essential part of maintaining an organization's financial health.

Why is Risk Management Important?

ABC Company has been in business for over 45 years. Last week they experienced a fire. They have purchased an insurance policy that will replace the building and supplement lost income until the facility is rebuilt, but... what will happen to their employees, key suppliers and customer base? Insurance does not ensure supplier continuity, customer loyalty, or competitors that will stand still during the recovery period.

Risk Management is about more than purchasing insurance. It's about identifying those assets that are subject to loss, acting to protect those assets and avoiding losses whenever possible, minimizing the effects of those losses that do occur, and planning to ensure the continuation and, perhaps, the survival of an organization.

At Consolidated Risk Management, this is what we do.